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A dream came true

Horses have always been special creatures of the earth for me. Even as a child, they held a deep fascination for me. I like to think back to when we used to go on weekend trips into the countryside with the whole family. My father often had to stop at various paddocks, just so that I could absorb and feel the closeness and touch of these animals for a brief moment.

At the age of 12, my parents knew that they probably couldn't dissuade me from fulfilling my horse dream. There was even the idea that they would buy me a horse, but with a family with four children, I had to realize that this was asking too much.

In 1992 came the day when it all started. I once again read an advertisement for a black mare. I called there and decided to take a look at the horse with my then girlfriend the same day, because we were going on vacation the next day. As if it were yesterday, I see the mare standing in front of me in the stable lane, polished, noble and shiny black. Shortly thereafter, free running in the hall, floating with momentum and temperament.

I hadn't even ridden her that day, but I knew I wouldn't be going on my planned vacation to Yugoslavia. The purchase contract was signed the very next day. I brought the mare named Flocke to us a week later. My first ride on my own horse was amazing. With the slogan "the happiness of this earth is on the back of a horse" came very close to my feeling at that moment.

I had a lot of nice days with my first horse, but also some difficult days. The mare had to have three fetlock surgeries. After the last operation, the vets gave me little hope that chips would not form in the joint again. After Flocke had been paralyzed for more than 5 months, I decided to take her into breeding and put her on the paddock. After the horse had been in the pasture day and night for three weeks, there was little to be seen of the lameness. The treating veterinarian could hardly believe it at the time. After another two weeks, the mare could already be ridden easily again. Nevertheless, I didn't want to overload her with riding at the time and thought it was right to take her into breeding first. After looking for a suitable stallion, I took the most obvious path with my inexperience at the time. I took a stallion descended from the Hanoverian stallion Lanthan from a local stallion owner. The breeding in the natural jump worked right away, from which 11 months later, in April 1995, a small stallion saw the light of day.

The mare Flocke had meanwhile been given the breeding name Fianna Faye. The mare was mated to a Holsteiner stallion by Lantaan-Lord that same year. A filly named Lyoness Faye was born from this mating. From day one she was something special. Self-confident, strong in movement and beautiful to boot. She was awarded a premium at her first public appearance at the foal show. I saw in her the future of my horse breeding. Up to the age of 4, her career was trend-setting, which she proved with placings in riding horse tests.

For professional and private reasons, I didn't find enough time to take care of her intensively. She became more and more difficult while riding and took me out of the saddle twice, which resulted in hospitalizations. In addition, the mare got summer eczema, so that she couldn't concentrate in her daily work.

With a heavy heart I decided to end my thoughts about the future with this horse. I looked around for a suitable place for her. In 2001, the opportunity arose to give her to a tournament rider, who trained and supported her further. Today she is in Romania and is successful in show jumping there. It wasn't easy breaking up with her. But when you see how well she is doing today, I know that it was the best thing for her. She soon forgot her suffering from summer eczema. The daily work did her good. After giving up Lyoness Faye, I started thinking about my future in horse breeding.

I decided to look for a good place for my mare Fianna Faye, because she had problems with her ankle joint from time to time and could therefore only be used for riding to a very limited extent. I didn't want to use her for breeding anymore, although she was the born mother. Like probably many before me, I too had to realize that it makes little sense nowadays to breed with middle-class mares. Although the above example of Lyoness Faye shows that successful sports aspirants can also emerge here.

I found a very good place for Fianna Faye with her new owners, Sandra and Tobias, where she enjoys loving care and daily grazing. In them I found two great people who I'm sure my Fianna Faye will have a good time. Whenever possible, I visit my now elderly lady from time to time.

In 2001 the mare Weltlady by Weltmeyer-Atatürk-Shogung xx was added. I was given this by the tournament rider above. The mare Belle-Epoche, who gave birth to a filly by Harvard in April 2002, became the stall neighbor. A black foal that was very difficult to surpass in terms of type, movement and charisma.

In 2002 I also met my current wife, Melanie. A year that should be a signpost for my future. In January 2003 the trio of broodmares was completed with Donna Colina, who gave birth to a promising colt by the stallion Hohenstein in May 2003. This laid the foundation for successful horse breeding.

So in January 2004 we decided to set up the Fianna Faye stud farm. The stud endeavors to breed dressage horses for demanding tournament sport.

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