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Pferdezucht-JF takes all reasonable steps in order to ensure the reliability of the information presented in this website but makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness unless the This refers to potential damages to third parties either material or immaterial which were caused by using this website.

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The layout of this site, the graphics and the data bases as well as the source codes is copyrighted. The company Zschau-EDV reserves all rights including the reproduction, copying and distribution by e.g. data processing, data carriers and data networks.

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Exclusion of Liability: With the adjudication from 1998/05/12 the district court of Hamburg (Germany) has decided that the webmasters are responsible for the contents of linked pages. This can be prevented only by declaring that one is not responsible for the contents of linked pages. We hereby declare that we are not responsible for contents of linked pages. Our website contains links to websites the content and updating of which is not under the jurisdiction of Pferdezucht-JF. For all these links the following is valid: „Pferdezucht-JF“ does not have a bearing on the design and content of external sites. We therefore distance ourselves from contents of external sites even if we have linked those sites to our homepage.“ This declaration is valid for all websites linked to our homepage and for their contents of pages which are connected with us by banners or links.

Legal Effect
The exclusion of liability is part of the site of Pferdezucht-JF. In case that some of the formulations or part of this text do not or not longer correspond to the current legislation the other parts remain unaffected.