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„Two elite foals and One premium foal“

Our offspring from 2023 are completely convincing

On the occasion of the Oldenburg foal registration date, the 16th Southern German Oldenburg Foal Championships took place in Wernau.

ForEver PJF by Felicino x Sezuan x Dimaggio is the clear winner among the colts and impresses with his presence and movement possibilities. He received the Victory Sash 2023 and the "Elite Foal" award. Our filly by Total McLaren x Secret x De Niro was also an “Elite Foal” and finished second in the filly dressage foals. Our youngest foal by Escanto PS x Follow Me x Sir Donnerhall by our Bellevue PJF (full sister of Follow Him's Schönweide) at just 4 weeks old received the "Verbandspremium" and only just missed out on the podium with 4th place. In addition, ForEver PJF by Feliciano, the half brother of the current OL licensing winner 2023 "Bon Esprit", was admitted to the auction.

We're excited to see where we'll see them next in front of an audience.

Picture 1 ForEver PJF by Feliciano ©Fetzer/ Wahl

Picture 2 Victory sash 2023 and elite badges © Fetzer


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