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„Württembergische Master 2023“ Jasmin with a double victory in M** dressage

Jasmin was very successful at this year's championships in Weilheim. After you won the FEI M** dressage team on Friday with Olympia 4.0 PJF with over 69%. With another victory in the FEI individual M** dressage, Jasmin secured the well-deserved gold medal in the championship rankings today.

Thus, Jasmin ends her junior years very successfully.

It will certainly be interesting to see what the future holds for the two, when they start in the higher class in advanced level dressage.

Bild 1: Olympia 4.0 PJF mit Jasmin ©Fetzer

Bild 2: Jasmin Württembergische Meisterin 2023 ©Fetzer


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